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Bitcoin logo over the Himalayas!

The Bitcoin community has many times surprised us with their original ideas. In April an idea came up on the Bitcointalk forum to purchase a small-sized country and to declare it the first state in the world with Bitcoin as its official currency. Meanwhile, in early September Sean?s Outpost- a homeless shelter and the best known charity in the Bitcoin world resolved to buy a piece of land and create on it ?Satoshi Forest?, a sanctuary for the homeless. 


Now the Bitcoin community has a chance to become the main sponsor of a sporting expedition, and the logo of the crypto-currency to be flown over the summits of the Himalayas while, at the same time, being watched on television and read about in the press.

All of the above will be made possible by Sebastian Kawa?s expedition to the Himalayas- Kawa is a world-renowned glider pilot and Olympic sailor. A very successful glider with quite a few world records to prove it. In his field, Sebastian came out as world champion 9 times and is undisputedly the most awarded glider pilot in history.

In two months Sebastian will fly over the Himalayas. It?s a major challenge since the height, the climatic conditions and the air currents have so far prevented anybody from attempting this stunt.

The Bitcoin forum in Poland has organized an effort supporting the Everest Gliding project. The organizer himself reacted with much enthusiasm and will officially except Bitcoins donated toward the project from Thursday onwards. As he writes on his Facebook:

 You need to be different, you need to have a bit of a rebel inside you, you must believe that going off a beaten track is the way to successfully fly gliders. Apparently Bitcoin people find it appealing. We are happy to receive their support. „BitCoins accepted here” sign hangs on our door from today

Now everybody can support the project by sending Bitcoins to the address below: 181qBDLagJWDfvfz7v7f3c7vgw4vk8areK. You can find more information about the project on the website and on Facebook.