Zonda - Największa Polska giełda cyfrowych walut
7 lipca 2014 | 12:44

The Polish Orlik Opole hockey team will this year have a chance to become part of the top class in Polish entertainment-  the ?extraclass?. In order, however, to be eligible for participation, the team will be needing an approximately PLN 1,5 million budget. Part of the expenses will be covered by the city, but the team will require PLN 20.000 to apply for participation alone.


Since a while ago a fundraiser devoted to this cause has been run at the ?Polak Potrafi? website, and from today Bitcoins are accepted as well!

Our goal is to collect at least one BTC and, through that, promote the cryptocurrency. If we succeed at this goal, the Bitcon community will be enabled to become the team?s sponsor which carries with it the inclusion of the Bitcoin logo on the team?s website and the banners at the ice rink. We could also come up with fliers popularizing Bitcoin.

Additionally, if the sum raised is large enough, we could also put the Bitcoin logo on the boards around the rink. It is also worth mentioning that games within the ?extraclass? are broadcast by TVP sport. TVP is the leading TV station in Poland with its viewership at over 20.000. Bitcoins can be sent to the address:


and here you can check how much we?ve collected so far.

The squad out of Opole consists of roughly 25 players and its biggest triumph was coming in fifth countrywide during the 2004/2005 season. Since 2007 Orlik Opole has played in the first league, but that can change soon since this year the team has been invited into the elite Polish Hockey League. The hockey players are trained by the polish Olympian at Calgary- Jacek Szopinski.

In the last season the team made themselves known in the play-off semifinals by defeating  the favorite, Neste Torun in a bid to join the PHL. Then, in turn, after a 5-game rivalry they lost 2-3 to the leading frontrunner Naprzod Janow. Despite the defeat, the PHL decided to include the squad in the elite games.

The campaign is sponsored by leading polish websites:,,,,,,,

The fundraising personnel can be contacted at



Zonda - Największa Polska giełda cyfrowych walut