Arthur Rommes o Ambasadzie Bitcoin w Amsterdamie

Arthur Rommes jest współtwórcą Ambasady Bitcoin w Amsterdamie. Jest to organizacja współpracująca z innymi ambasadami na całym świecie. Ambasada jest położona w centrum Amsterdamu, mieści...

T-Mobile Poland accepts Bitcoin for the top-ups

PRZECZYTAJ PO POLSKU Polish payment processor InPay S.A. has entered into a partnership with T-Mobile Poland. Starting today, mobile phone top-ups from T-Mobile and its...

[wideo] Rozmowa z Bitcoinowym Jezusem

Roger Ver określany jest mianem Bitcoinowego Jezusa. To dzięki niemu mogły powstać takie startupy jak bitpay, ripple, blockchain.info, kraken.com, purse.io, coinsetter, coinapult.com i inne. Mieliśmy...

First Stock Company Sells Shares for BTC – An Interview With Founder

InPay S.A. has become the first stock company in the world whose registered shares can be purchased for Bitcoins. The stocks are available at Beesfund.com -...

Hockey team in need of help.

The Polish Orlik Opole hockey team will this year have a chance to become part of the top class in Polish entertainment-  the ?extraclass?....

Bitcoin Embassy in Warsaw Officially Open!

On this day, May 12th, 2014 the first European Bitcoin embassy officially opened its doors for business.  I arrived at the site a few moments...

The Bitcoin Embassy: A Conversation With Founder

Bitcoin is an essentially new technology which draws the attention of various kinds of professionals. On one side it has grown popular with computer firms...

Europe’s First Bitcoin Embassy To Open in Poland

Next Monday, the 12th of May, 2014 at 12:00 pm a Bitcoin Embassy will officially open in Warsaw. The embassy will be the first...
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